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These universities in Canada were numerically ranked based on their positions in the overall Best Global universities rankings. Canada is...
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Canada has undoubtedly become one of the beloved destinations for immigrants in the recent past. More than 600,000 worldwide students...
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These universities in Canada were numerically ranked based on their positions in the overall Best Global universities rankings. Canada is home to a few of the world`s top universities. Schools were evaluated based on their study performance and their ratings by members of the academic community around the world and within North America. In fact, 31 Canadian institutes are counted among the best in the world, according to Times Higher Education`s World University Rankings 2023.

Canada is home to 223 universities and has a few of the best universities in the world. With seven universities in the top 200, Canada provides plenty of opportunities for a world-class education for international students. Out of the 223 Canadian Universities, 30 are listed in the QS World University Rankings for the year 2023 and 31 are listed in the Times Higher education world University Rankings 2023.

Compared with the US, Canada can as well provide cheaper tuition fees, simpler application processes and more opportunities for permanent residency after graduation. The course curriculum is broad and with multiple streams of specialization in every subject, you can benefit by gaining in depth knowledge in the course of your choice. Canada top two institutions-the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia get really high scores particularly for research impact, which means that these schools produce high quality academic work that is well respected.

Focused specializations also permit you, as an international student to become the master of your field and stand apart in the crowd. Many of Canada`s universities are famous for promoting a global outlook by recruiting international students and staff and encouraging international collaborations, so there will be a large community of international staff and students at any university in Canada. This blog will be your adviser on the top universities in Canada which will be your guide for the best universities to pursue your education.


Canada Rank in 2023 World University Rank in 2023 University Province City Global score
1. 18 University of Toronto Ontario Toronto 83.9
2. 40 University of British Columbia British Columbia Vancouver 77.5
3 54 McGill University Quebec Montreal 74.6
4. 152 McMaster University Ontario Hamilton 67.0
5. 110 University of Alberta Alberta Edmonton 67.1
6. 111 University of Montreal Quebec Montreal 44.5
7. 190 University of Calgary Alberta Calgary 64.2
8. 215 University of Ottawa Ontario Ottawa 62.2
9. 154 University of Waterloo Ontario Waterloo 63.5
10. 172 Western University Ontario London 58.2

Top five Universities in Canada

  1. University of Toronto: The University of Toronto is an internationally top-ranked public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is a public research University found on the grounds that surround Queens park. The campus has 180 acres of land. Recently the Canada Walk of fame Awards honoured three luminaries with University of Toronto Ties.

It was founded in 1827. It has evolved into Canada’s main institution of learning, discovery, and knowledge creation. It is also located in the heart of Canada’s largest city. The university has 15000 faculties, over 700 undergraduate programs, and 95000 students. Around 80 percent of its scholar study at the undergraduate level. The University of Toronto has a lengthy history of challenging the impossible and transforming society through the ingenuity and resolve of its faculty, students, alumni, and supporters.

They also have an official athletics website for the university of Toronto (https://varsityblues.ca). It is one of the world’s great universities distinguished by its extraordinary depth and breadth of excellence. The University of Toronto is Canada`s main academic publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America.

They offer Master`s programs aimed to support a high demand career in your region and fit your schedule. In addition to that gifted students have affordable access to some of the world`s best scholars and researchers.

Popular Courses include:

  1. Computer science
  2. Social science
  3. Management

The University of Toronto offers a wealthy array of programs and opportunities for motivated students. To financially assist arriving students, there are 250+ University of Toronto scholarships, bursaries, and fellowships available. You can find 47071 researchers and browse 232 departments, publications and full texts, contact details and general information related to University of Toronto on Https://www.researchgate.net.

  1. University of British Columbia: The University of British Columbia is a global centre for exploration and teaching, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. It is one of the oldest and most popular universities in Canada. It is a public research university with campuses close to Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia.

They have an estimated number of 17,225 international students. It was formerly known as McGill University College of British Columbia. It is also one of the largest university in Canada. The official athletics website for the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds is Https://gothunderbirds.ca.

The motto of the institute is ‘’Tuum Est’’ which translates to ‘’it is Yours.’’ UNBC is Canada`s green university for its teaching, research, energy initiative, and day to day sustainability.UBC`s main campus is in Vancouver and width of about 400 acres. Different than a college or university, the British Columbia institute of Technology offer practical, applied education with instructors who have direct hands on experience in their field.

The university motto is ‘’ It is up to you; it is yours’’. You can find researchers and browse departments, publications and full texts, contact details and general information related to University of British Columbia onHttps://www.researchgate.net.

UBC is one of the finest places to visit in Vancouver for both tourist and locals. This coed college is found in an urban setting and primarily a commuter campus. In addition to that UBC offers competitive financing to successful applicants, including a minimum funding guarantee for PhD candidates.

  1. McGill University: McGill University is an English dialect public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Recently burst pipes have forced the closure of Stewart Biology Bldg. The motto is “ By work, all things increase and grow; On legend: I trust in the Lord.

It is one of the highest public universities in Montreal Canada. McGill University is one of Canada`s well known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading universities in the world. It was founded in 1821.It is a large institution with an enrolment of 20,181 undergraduate students, over 2,000 teaching staff,21 faculties, 8,861 employees and 73 affiliated research institutes.

It was named after a popular Montreal merchant, James McGill. McGill University has 201 years of great education, excellent research, in service to society in their belt. It is the oldest university in Montreal and one of the three English language universities in Quebec. It attracts people motivated by challenge and committed to shaping a better future. It is also Canada`s foremost medical doctoral university. Popular courses include:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Medicine
  3. Biology
  4. Pharmacy

Montreal itself is a progressive, liberal and friendly city. The official athletics website for the McGill University Redbirds and Martlets is https://mcgillatheletics.ca. You can find 27700 researchers and browse 190 departments, publications and full texts, contact details and general information related to McGill University on Https://www.researchgate.net.

  1. McMaster University: This is one of Canada top universities. McMaster University is a public research university situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A McMaster researcher Zhon Xing has not too long ago been recognized for his world renowned research into the respiratory mucosal community. It is only of the universities in Canada to be ranked among the world`s top 100. Graduate students at McMaster university go after their studies in a supportive and forward looking learning environment. The main McMaster campus is on 121 hectares (300 acres). They are committed to finding and learning in teaching, research and scholarship. It was founded in 1887. It also has over 2823 international students and approximately 27,000 undergraduate students. They were named Canada`s uttermost research intensive, medical doctoral university by Research Info source in 2017 and 2018.McMaster University`s goal is to produce a brighter world to advance human and society health and wellbeing and serve local and global communities through scholarships and learning. In addition to that they plan to generate steps on pressing health system issues of our time. One of the ways they plan on fulfilling this commitment is by pioneering ground-breaking research in fields ranging from health care to business, arts and culture to advance manufacturing. It is located in Hamilton, Ontario- the fifth biggest city in Ontario and about a 45-minute drive from Toronto and Niagara Falls. They are renowned for its alternation in both learning and discovery. Also they offer both graduate or Undergraduate programs. Their popular degrees include:

1. Science and engineering

2. Business

3. Health

McMaster University offers over 3,000 courses over lots of different subject areas. You can find 18082 researchers and browse 181 departments, publications and full texts, contact details and general information related to McMaster University on https://www.researchgate.net. McMaster University Medical Centre offers adult area specialty clinics, day surgery, and one of the Ontario`s largest labour and delivery programs. It is home to more than 62 research centres and institutes. Additionally, McMaster University is a viridescent  campus with ivy covered building blending in with modern glass and steel. McMaster is comprised of five faculties:

  1. Degroote School of Business
  2. faculty of Engineering
  3. Health Sciences
  4. Humanities Sciences
  5. Social Sciences
(University of Alberta)

5. University of Alberta: University of Alberta is a top 5 Canadian University found in Edmonton, Alberta, and home to about 40,000 students in a wide variety of programs. It is also known as U of A or UAlberta.It is a public research university established in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, the university first president.

The University has a name for excellence across the humanities, sciences, creative arts, Business, engineering and health sciences. Recently they embarked on a research on how smart heating for accommodation and businesses could get even smarter. In their research they proposed that blending Hydrogen with natural gas could reduce carbon emissions by as much as five percent.

At the university you can pivot your potential through innovative experiences, bold discoveries and lifelong connections. The U of A is among the top 150 universities in the world. It is located in the province of Alberta in Western Canada. Around 80 percent of the university`s students study at the undergraduate level. Its campus is 230 acres.

The university has 9036 international students and an UG/PG course ratio of 1.28. They provide you with the individual attention you deserve. Their most popular course is Masters in pharmacy. They also provide monetary aid for international students. The University of Alberta is comprised of 5 campuses, including a francophone campus offering programs solely in French.

You can find 25058 researchers and browse 187 departments, publications and full texts, contact details and general information related to University of Alberta on Https://www.researchgate.net. Their acceptance rate is 50%.

Studying in Canada: Canada is one of the popular study destinations in the world due to its high focus on the standard of its universities and its emphasis on attracting international students who can later immigrate. This is equivalent to staying in the strongest economy in the world whole enjoying a high living standard and a flexible study environment.


This blog has equipped you with all the critical information required to gain an understanding of the top ten universities in Canada.Dont forget that as an international student you should log on to the official website of the Canadian university to check the admission requirement for the course of your choice. From the universities listed above, you can at the moment check for the course of your choice that are offered and choose a specialization. Ensure that you reach all the criteria specified by the university and gold high scores in the entrance exams to increase your chances of acceptance. Apart from the Universities listed above some other good options include:

  1. University of Victoria
  2. Queen`s University
  3. Universite Laval
  4. Tonto Metropolitan University
  5. Carleton University