Multiple Recruitment for Fruit Pickers in Canada

Canada is a country that’s located within the Northern part of America. It’s has three territories and ten provinces. The country has a vast land area which makes it the second largest in the globe today. Meanwhile Ottawa is known as the Capital city with Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal as the three other metropolitan cities in Canada. Cities in Canada are Modern, smart stylish and clean, a big attraction for thousands migrants who will enjoy the great outdoors, also urban convenience. Canada cities are well spacious, designed and easy to go around.

It’s a well known for its affordability, Canadian’s earnings an average wage can still afford a good quality of life. The cost of living is very comparable in Canada to the UK. But your overall purchasing power will be 5.5% according to Numbeo. They also cover wide range of occupations including medical, engineering, management, construction and lot more. Canada economy is growing and growth inspires more need which brings up all different kinds of opportunities for all kinds of professions. Meanwhile, there’s not only are there great opportunities. Canada laid back and relaxed style means that there is less of stress you might have been used to in your country birth.

Job Description

We are pleased to bring you available vacant job openings in the country as of today for the position of Fruit Pickers Candidates are needed to have criteria in customers services skills, reliable and capable of meeting demand of the position

Job Responsibilities & Duties

  • Be able to effective spraying or removal of infected plants
  • Accurate in reporting of diseases or insect damages
  • Picking and be able to harvest or picked fruits before sending to the markets or store.
  • Follow health and safety regulations
  • Deliver an outstanding services to all customers
  • Do all assigned duties

Job Criteria and Skills

  • Have an Effective relationships or communication between individuals
  • A reliable and effective team work
  • Good in communication
  • Goal and client focused
  • Able to work for and additional hours
  • A keen and strong eye to eye information
  • Be a competent and trustworthy
  • Strong and passionate
  • Be Dependable
  • Be able to stand for a long hours
  • Capable of standing for long hours when needed.

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